Burrow saves Burrow

Μια φωτογραφία είναι 1000 λέξεις.Ενα βίντεο πόσες λέξεις είναι ?
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Εγγραφή: Πέμ 08 Οκτ 2015, 22:33
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Burrow saves Burrow

Μη αναγνωσμένη δημοσίευση από submaro » Παρ 30 Δεκ 2016, 22:27

The last year caught, very cold but with the dawn spends the hours the sun has done its duty, and the temperature and 'become really enjoyable, a nice day at the beach, unfortunately little fish free I folded the den that has paid off ... Good end and beginning of the year to all my friends !!!


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