What is dangerous - in scuba diving ...

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What is dangerous - in scuba diving ...

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I view recreational diving much like crossing the street. Both are very safe activities if you pay attention and follow the basic rules. Don't pay attention or don't follow the rules and yes, both can kill you. It's like what ArcticDiver wrote about our being desensitized to certain risks. Your sensitivity to diving is high because it's new. That's good survival instinct. Your sensitivity to crossing the street is low because you've done it all your life. Like crossing the street, diving has been well vetted. The major risks have been carefully observed and mitigated through rather simple-to-follow guidelines. Major accidents are rare when those guidelines are followed. There will always be risk, but you can mitigate much of it by following the rules and exercising good judgement.
Without falling back on statistical data it appears to me that the majority of diving fatalities and major injuries fall into the following categories:
1) Ran out of breathing gas
2) Non-diving related medical emergency (e.g., heart attack)
3) physical injury during entry/exit (e.g., tripped on a big rock and fell)
4) decompression sickness
#1 can be almost entirely eliminated through following some very basic guidelines and by diving with the right people. By "right people" I mean any divers who maintain buddy awareness and take seriously their role of emergency-gas provider.
#2 requires being in shape and knowing when you are not fit to dive.
#3 just happens regardless of any activity diving or otherwise. Diving adds the risk of being in/near the water at the time.
#4 is a statistically insignificant risk when basic guidelines are followed.
So in summary, my honest opinion is that when the rules are followed and you exercise good judgement, diving's biggest risk is that you'll trip getting into and out of the water. I don't mean that as a joke - We have friends here who've broken bones falling while wearing scuba gear. My point is if you follow the rules the biggest risks are not the most sensational (i.e., broken ankle is more likely than decompression sickness).

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