Scuba diving - to do or not to do

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Scuba diving - to do or not to do

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I have been debating whether to take on scuba diving as a hobby. 41yr old male with 2 kids. tried a trial class where they take u into the pool and liked it a lot. the full class is couple of weekends after which they take u into the ocean for 2 dives with an instructor. uptil now pretty cheap ~500 for classes, rentals etc.
however, ultimately i need to do this myself to make it worthwhile (ie with a buddy but no instructor to help)
a) how much does gear cost. decent stuff, nothing cheap or extragavant. both one time as well as money spent every dive (i guess for the tank)
b) how much time do u actually get to spend in the ocean. if it takes 4hr to suit up, lug all the stuff to the ocean and then u can dive only for 15min after which you have to change the tank (which takes another hour), then not worth it.Basically anything else people have to say on time and money would be helpful for me to decide.

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